Striving for success without hard work is like trying to
harvest where you haven't planted.
~ David Bly

Forensics - Mrs. Kohli

Welcome to Forensics!

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We are in for a long adventure together, and I'm glad you've begun to look into the resources available to you. As always, I promise you my best efforts as your teacher, and in return, I expect your best efforts as a student.  In these pages, you will find many resources to help you along your way.

What is Forensics?

Forensics is a junior/senior elective course designed to introduce students to the basics of criminalistics.  Over the course of the semester, students will apply principles from biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science to analyze data and develop hypotheses.  The class is activity-based and strongly emphasizes process, rather than outcome.

What is on this site?

The navigation panel at the left will help you get around. "Home" will return you to this main page. "Syllabus" is where you will find a copy of the list of day-to-day activities that I gave you at the beginning of the year. Remember that this is subject to change as necessary. In "Unit Files", I will post any Powerpoints or other useful handouts that you may care to download. Lastly, "Links" will take you to other websites that have a wealth of useful information for you.

I wish you great success!

 - Mrs. Kohli

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