Anatomy is to physiology as geography is to history;  it describes the theatre of the events. ~ Jean Francois Fernel

Anatomy & Physiology 

Welcome to Anatomy & Physiology!

We are in for a long adventure together, and I'm glad you've begun to look into the resources available to you. As always, I promise you my best efforts as your teacher, and in return, I expect your best efforts as a student.  In these pages, you will find many resources to help you along your way.

What is this course about?

Anatomy and Physiology is an honors level junior/senior elective course designed to introduce students to the structure and function of the human body.  We will discuss all of the major body systems, the organs that comprise them, and examine how they work together to keep the human body in homeostasis.

What is on this site?

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I wish you great success!

 - Mrs. Kohli

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